An accident with a drunk diver or hit & run driver is an extremely scary experience.  Victims are seriously injured by the other driver who is illegally operating a vehicle while DUI without regard for the safety or lives of others. This is completely unfair, but you must fight back.  Insurance companies do not want to pay you fairly. You need the right lawyer to represent you. I am an expert in drunk driver victim and hit & run accident personal injury law. Call me now for a free consultation (801) 541-6709.       

The accident will affect every aspect of your life. Dealing with hospital and doctor visits, medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering is extremely stressful. After your accident you are probably asking yourself: What are my rights after I was injured in the accident? Do I have a case? Who will pay my medical bills? How do I get a rental car? Who will fix my car? What doctors should I see? How will I pay my bills if I’m too injured to work? How much is my accident case worth? How long will it take to settle my accident case?

Personal Injuries in Car Accidentes

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident due to the fault of someone else, do not delay. Call or text me now for your free consultation.

Car Accident

I am an experienced, aggressive, and trusted Personal Injury Attorney & Drunk Driver Victim Accident Lawyer. I have worked on thousands of accident cases, and each injured person is important to me. I have answers to all of these questions that you have. However, each person’s case is different and the answers to these questions will depend on the facts of your accident and the injuries you have suffered. You need to consult with an expert Drunk Driver Accident Attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured in the accident. Call me immediately for a free consultation. (801) 541-6709. 


My 45 year old client was driving his vehicle home from the gym when a DUI driver crossed over into his lane, striking his vehicle and causing him serious surgical injuries. Fixing his car cost over $14,000. Due to the DUI of the at fault driver, I was quickly able to convince the insurance company to pay the maximum limits on the policy.

The real fight in this case was with my client’s own insurance company on the UIM (underinsured motorist) policy. My client required a neck surgery because of the accident, but his insurance company refused to pay the additional monies needed that he had contracted with them for. I aggressively litigated the case against my client’s insurance company, quickly showing them that we would never give up like most attorneys do when the case gets difficult. After several months of hard fought litigation, my client’s insurance company agreed to pay the maximum monies of the policy.  

If you or a family member has been a victim of a DUI driver, an Uninsured (UM) driver, or a Hit & Run driver, I can help you immediately. Don’t let the other insurance company or your own insurance company pay you any less than what is fair. 

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