Suffering a dog bite or dog attack can severely injure and disfigure you.  Even though you are severely injured or disfigured, the insurance company may refuse to pay you at all or try to reduce the amount of payment by using multiple excuses. I see this happen frequently. Unfortunately, this regularly happens to young children who are dog bite victims.  

Dealing with hospital and doctor visits, medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering is extremely stressful. After the dog bite you are probably asking yourself: What are my rights after I was injured in the dog attack? Do I have a case? Who will pay my medical bills? What doctors should I see? How will I pay my bills if I’m too injured to work? How much is my dog bite case worth? How long will it take to settle my dog bite case?


If you or a family member has been injured in an accident due to the fault of someone else, do not delay. Call or text me now for your free consultation.

Mordedura de Perro

If you or a family member has been a victim of a dog bite, I can help you immediately. Don’t let the other insurance company try to pay you unfairly. I have answers to all of these questions that you will have after the dog attack. However, each person’s case is different and the answers to these questions will depend on the facts of your dog bite case and the injuries you have suffered. You need to consult with an expert Dog Bite Attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured.

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My 9 year old client was playing outside in her front yard. Her neighbor encouraged her to come pet his dog, a pit bull. She was reluctant and said no several times, but the neighbor continued to ask her and told her he was a nice dog. When she approached, the dog immediately attacked her face causing serious lacerations to her nose and lip. She was rushed by ambulance for surgery at the children’s hospital. The surgeon did excellent work repairing the face and nose but told her parents that she would likely need more surgeries as she grew up.

Even with such terrible injuries and clear fault, the neighbor’s insurance company dragged their feet and refused to pay the maximum monies of the home insurance policy. They tried to offer a lower sum of money that was unfair. After the family hired me, I quickly settled the case for the maximum monies of the insurance policy because I threatened to sue. My team at Brian Hills Law was also able to negotiate with the hospitals and doctors for discounts in order to provide much more money for my 9 year old client to use for her future surgeries.    

Have you or a family member been attacked by a vicious dog? It is most tragic when a child is bitten, but this is often the case. I have worked on many of these cases for children and adults. Don’t let the insurance companies treat you unfairly in the face of tragedy. Call me now for a free consultation and aggressive representation:  (801) 541-6709.